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Monday, July 19, 2010

Pro-Life Senator Dan Coats Leads in Fundraising

Dan Coats for Indiana
Underscoring the momentum shift behind the GOP in the midterm elections, Republican candidates out-raised Democrats in the second quarter in every competitive race for an open Senate seat.
Below is a snapshot of the key races and their money haul for the second quarter. Collectively, Republicans out-raised Democrats in these nine races by about $9 million in the three month span from April through June.
While this is good news for the GOP, there are caveats–as always. In several races, Republicans out-raised Democrats during the quarter, but the Democrat still has more money in the bank. In Indiana, for example, Republican Dan Coats out-raised Democrat Brad Ellsworth, but Ellsworth still holds a $200,000 cash-on-hand advantage.
And in competitive races with an incumbent Democrat, including California, Nevada, and Arkansas, the senator out-raised the Republican challengers.
But in the competitive races for open seats—where no incumbent is running—the GOP money momentum has picked up. Whether Republican candidates can maintain the cash advantage remains to be seen, and money doesn’t always translate in to Election Day victories, but the numbers underscore why the GOP is feeling bullish this year.
Delaware: Republican Rep. Mike Castle raised $837,000 and Democrat Chris Coons raised $698,000. The Delaware primary is Sept. 14.
Florida: Republican Marco Rubio raised $4.5 million while Democrat Kendrick Meek raised over $1 million. Both men are their party’s favorite in the Aug. 24 primary, but Meek is facing a primary challenge from self-funded billionaire Jeff Greene, and Gov. Charlie Crist is running as an independent. Crist hasn’t released his numbers yet, but he’s running competitively in the polls.
Indiana: Republican Dan Coats raised $1.5 million while Democratic Rep. Brad Ellsworth raised $600,000.
Illinois: Republican Rep. Mark Kirk raised $2.3 million while Democrat Alexi Giannoulias raised just over $900,000.
Kentucky: Republican Rand Paul raised just over $1.1 million while Democrat Jack Conway raised $1.4 million. However, $400,000 of Conway’s funds are his own personal wealth, while Paul has not lent himself any money.
Missouri: Republican Rep. Roy Blunt raised $2.2 million while Democrat Robin Carnahan raised $1.5 million.
New Hampshire: Republican Kelly Ayotte raised $720,000 while Democrat Paul Hodes raised $600,000.
Ohio: Republican Rob Portman raised $2.7 million while Democrat Lee Fisher raised $1 million.
Pennsylvania: Republican Pat Toomey raised $3.1 million while Democrat Joe Sestak raised nearly $2 million.

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